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All the designs of the  products are made  in accordance with customer requests by ATMC Co. These designs are 3D prepared and  presented  to the customer for the approval. After confirmation of the design ATMC Co. will prepare the molds.

The molds which are going to be made will be facilitate the production and simplify the assembly Our aim at the product design is getting a product with high quality and aesthetic design which can be easily sold in the EUROPEAN markets.

The  production  prepared for the molds  will be installed by ATMC Co.

 All the machinery and equipment which will be used at the  facility will be bring to your country, the facility  is  going to be installed  and run for a period of one month and will do the delivery to the customer without any problems. During this time, workers and technicians training will be provided. We are in cooperation with the best facilities in Turkey for the Benches and you will get the best results with molds that we have designed.

If the customers want  for each section (Scissor department , press department, Paint, Enamel and installation) will have technicians unless requested.

When the first products to be produced on the facility at the laboratory which is in the facility the performance testing will be made. After the tests if the customer wants a product will prepared and will be sent to the laboratory for certification in Turkey for Taking the CE certificate by   ATMC CO.

All the materials which will be used for production will be prepared by ATMC CO. and according to the production plan  the materials will be sent periodically to your country. As long as the  customer demand the supply of materials will be done.

If customer demand, the sale of products to the world market will be helped by the ATMC Co.

For all machines and molds facility maintenance instructions  will be created, if the customer requests the maintenance of all machinery and molds Will be done by ATMC CO. In the case of any fault ATMC CO.  will immediately sent replacement parts to the machine, when a problem occur with molds the repair will be made. This issue will continue while the cooperation with the client company and ATMC CO. continues.

After establishing this facility's the improving of the existing products or new products to produce new versions done (mini-oven, stove, etc.). ATMC Co. will be Indefinitely with the customer. In addition the cooperation of the to process improvement and automation will continue .