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Roll Up and Slitter Bench


This bench is designed and manufactured according to the size of the Project in Turkey by ATMC Co.


If  roll steel using is more appropriate for  the production and if there is space at the plant we reccoment tthis machinery.

This machine is consist of six parts;

1. Roller  Carrier

The Capacity is 15 tons. Roll placement and fixing process is done manually. Sheet width  is 1200 mm.

2. Guiding Guard

Roll in accordance with the machine axis allows the flow of material. There are 5 roller conveyor on the sub-frame. On the sheet guiding there are bearings available which perform to work the guiding guards. Guiding the work can  be done from the  both sides  and the adjustment can be seen from the scale ruler.

3. Rectification

Consists of seven reels and reels are hard chrome plated. The motor is servo Type and 4 kw. The Drive system is provided with multi-output gear and the shaft. The upper roller’s  up-down adjustment is manual.At the entrance there is guiding system.

4. Slicing

The Knives are produced  in 2379 material and ground hardness of 55 HRC 4 sets (8 Pieces) blades are available. Blade supporting ball joint is made of steel material. The engine speed control ability to 7.5 kW.

5. Shear

The Blades are manufactured  from 2379 material and are heat treated. (hardness of 55-60 HRC) Body is platinum. It is working as Hydraulic.

At the end of the unit there will be a throwing unit to carry the cutted plates. Unit  rollers are covered with polyurethane.

6. Electronic Control Panel

It is PLC controlled. Electrical instruments are SIEMENS or ABB brand, the servo motor is the SEW brand.

Technical Specifications and Descriptions

  • Line speed max. 20 m / min
  • Plate thickness from 0.50 to 1.00 or galvanized DKP steel
  • Sheet width 1200 mm.
  • Precision gauge length
  • Minimum slitting width 20mm