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The screw groups which are used in the compressors are  in a larger size than their counterparts and can work at lower revs. At the interior cabins are sound insulation and flame resistant foam , at the covers cast seal is loacated.

Due to the huge group of screws required flow rate can be produced at lower revs. For this reason, most of the energy expended may be converted to pressurized air. In addition, world-renowned leader in the industry, IE2 high efficiency electric motors are used.

The control panel is designed in the simplest way. All safety equipment is available and informs the user in case of any failure.

First of all the compressors are manufactured on the basis of previously acquired experience. Production quality equipment is selected and aligned.

Against all kinds of mishaps that can all safety measures have been taken in the compressor.

All compressors are designed in the care being or easy replacement of parts is taken into consideration. All Covers are made to reach each piece can be removed easily . All The equipment which are  used  are the best quality and  the service life without any problem.

Need less energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and both compressors are smooth and economical. According to the periodic maintenance statement if the cares are made  it will serve for many years without failure.

Due elastomer coupling lossless and seamless power transfer.

Simple disassembly and assembly for easy maintenance.

Because of its design no pressure to screw and motor bearings transferring power. 

 Due to normally closed suction regulator minimum power draw. Due the check valve at power failure no oil in the suction. Because of the piston without diaphragm it will operate without any trouble for many years.

Easy use and detailed menu, electronic (microprocessor) control panel.

Due to all safety equipment with the warn the user oriented correctly.

Cooling air flow with a separate fan motor provided with right angled vanes.

Plate selected bar type large-capacity radiator with efficient cooling even in the hottest environments .

Resistant to high temperature and pressure with special  hydraulic oil and air hose. The minimum pressure valve in the oil circulating smoothly which provice and air-tight pressure required. Compressed air immersion in the oil separator and scavenger line that separates the best .. 

With a large group of screws and low speed high efficiency air production.

IE2 high efficiency electric motors lossless power transfer and low power consumption ..


Engine power: 90 kW - 125 HP & 380V 50 Hz. (IP 55 F insulation - IE2 high efficiency)

Max. operating pressure: 8 bar

Capacity: 15.80 m³ / min @ 7b is

Drive Type: belt pulley (with Poly V belt)

* Electronically controlled (micro-processor), oil-injected, air-cooled screw compressor



Dew point: type: +3 º C, gas-cooled

Capacity: 17.80 m³ / min

Input filter: 1 micron particles, 0.1 ppm (mg / m³) oil filtration

Output filter: 0.1 micron particles, 0.01 ppm (mg / m³) oil filtration



Operation & test pressure: 10 & 15 bar

Volume: 3000 lt

Material: P265GH HII boiler plate

* Store test certificate, safety valve, pressure gauge, water drain is included.