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Thickness Measuring Device


The paint thickness gauge measure the Paint thickness without damaging (steel or iron and non-ferrous metals, paints, plastics, etc..) .

 Two types of metering mode, memory and paint thickness gauge with a measuring range stands out.

This device is the basic  device of Any employee of paint or repair shops for both production and quality control.

Paint thickness gauge control is suitable especially in the industrial sector with the buying and selling and for material control during production.

Ergonomic coating measurement device with its  integrated internal probe can be used  comfortable and fast, its able to get a precise measurement results. Nonmagnetic lacquer, plastic, chromium, copper, zinc, enamel surfaces; plastic, enamel, paper, glass, rubber and so on. on the insulating layer; copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and aluminum can be measured.   

• P / N: iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel for the material is a lot like.

• Instant measurement.

• Large measuring range.

• Vibration does not affect the measurement.

• Elastic get accurate measurement results with the title and wear-resistant.

• calibration standards and user manual included

• There are two measurement modes (simple measurement or continuous measurement).

• V-shape at the top with rounded surfaces make the measurement.

• Built-in wireless thanks to the probe and can be used easily with one hand.

• Batteries are included.

• Carrying case is sent through.



Steel / Iron

Non-ferrous metals

Working principle

Magnetic induction

Foucault current

Measuring range

0 ... 1250 µm

0 ... 1250 µm


0 ... 850 µm 
± 3 % 1 µm
850 ... 1250 µm
± 5 %

0 ... 850 µm 
± 3 % 1,5 µm
850 ... 1250 µm
± 5 %

Minimum measuring area

Ø 7 mm

Ø 5 mm

The minimum radius of curvature

1,5 mm

3 mm

The minimum thickness

0,5 mm

0,3 mm

Measurement mode

Simple or continuous measurement


Alarm, backlit display, auto-disconnect, maximum, minimum, median, mode calibration



Environmental Conditions

0 ... +40 / 20 ... 90% n.O.e

Power supply

2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries

Device dimensions

110 x 50 x 23 mm


Including batteries 100 g


The use of paint thickness gauge

 Paint thickness gauge, gauge to the surface to be measured and read the value on the screen. In this way, the lacquer on surfaces steel, stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals (lead, aluminum, brass),  such as aluminum, galvanized steel, enamel and so on can be read  the layers comfortably.

The Content of the Case

1 x Paint thickness gauge coating thickness measuring device with integrated probe

1 x Carrying bag

2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries

Set 1 x Calibration Standard

1 x User manual  

Through standards including paint thickness gauge can calibrate any time. To do this, the device, calibration is sufficient to hold one of the surfaces. Paint thickness gauge must be properly placed as seen in the Picture