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Glass Wool


Amount (Weight %)

Stone Wool



0 – 5

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical State: Solid

Form: Sheets, mattresses, mineral wool mat and cast in the form of homogenous

Faso is: 100 -220 WC

Fiber Distribution: Random

Colour: Yellowish Green

Odor: None

pH: None

Maximum Service Temperature: 760 º C (in general depends on the product.)

Flash Point: None

Explosive Properties: None

Density: 30 to 200 kg / m

Solubility in Water: None


Stability and Reactivity

Stability: up to 760 º C maintains stability.

Incompatible Chemicals: None

Hazardous Reactions: None

Solving Products: 200 º C the product on the air when heated, are binding


Toxicological Information

Acute Toxicity: None

Chronic Toxicity: World Health Organization (WHO), which is a working group

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) based

does not contain carcinogenic.


Ecological Information

Does not create a risk to the environment. Are products that can be recycled and can be used.