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Design & Mold


Our production is user-oriented, in line with customer requirements in different specifications and sizes can be designed.

For many years we are working on mold and production.The mold producers will produce the easiest mold because of this we will produce the molds to maket he production easier,the molds will be produced one time and there is no return if you will make wrong mold you must live with this mold.


Engineered designs and CAD / CAM applications which are necessary for the molds and die's production have been performed carefully.

The designs of molds have been brought for as hardwaresin the system of SOLIDWORKS.

All detailled tecnical pictures of dies and three dimensioned surfaces at the models and cuttinglines for cutting tools have been also prepareted with the same AutonCAM system.

These designs are made in  3D SOLIDWORKS and presented to the customer after confirmation production of molds begin.

Mold Production

After finishing design of molds, production are done according to the customer requests.

Mold production workshop consists of senior staffs.

Besides the convendional machines molds, with the great support of CAD/CAM and CNC milling machines, various king of sheet metal forming dies (cutting and punching, deep drawing, calibration), plastic and rubber mould and precision inspection gauges and fixtires are manufactured.

Molds, together we will determine the highest aesthetics and quality product it will be designed by us and also produced by us. The product which will be designed by us will have the CE certificate.

Desired mold can be manufactured for any product. According to the client's request any of the following can apply for the molds.

According to the client's request any of the following can apply for the molds:

a) The mold shipment will be done  and will be tested in your place.

b) Parts can be pressed in Turkey and can be shipped in disassembled form.

c) Parts can be  printed in Turkey,the components will be provided from Turkey and assembled and shipped as finish product.

Also all tree matter can be administrated. (First  the finished productcan be shipped, and than the assembly line can be installed and the product can be sent demounted at last the molds can be sent and the production will be made at your own factory.)



All automation projects can be done to speed up production, to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase the capacity at your factory.