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Skirts Cutting and Folding Machine (CNC)


This bench is designed and manufactured according to the size of the Project in Turkey by ATMC Co.

For the Free standing oven’s top tablet his machine is very important it cuts and folds and is very important for aesthetic of the product. With mold and old type cutting and folding machine remains very poor in aesthetic. Due to this new generation machine tools and CNC controls the top table cutting and folding is not  a problem and with this process are becoming standard.

Omera mold, products are made according to your design by ATMC CO.

 Bench Features

Machine parts processing capacity: 900 * 600 mm

Machine weight: 1800 kg

Machine 2b AutoCAD (DXF format) works with technical drawing.

XP-based PC with touch screen located on the machine is programmed.

All servo equipment on the machine are Siemens brand .

There are automatic central lubrication system on the machine.

Electrical control panel has been designed in CE norms.

Two-hand control and light barrier is supplied with the machine as standard.

Siemens Simotion D axis controller

STM (Italian) 6 Indirect bevel gear units

Has the ability to slow down in the corner.

To be able to fold properly sneaking back feature (parametric)

Test mode can be run slow.

Services are provided remotely via an Internet connection.