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Packaging Systems


With a system which automatically measures, cuts and adheres the polyethylene cover according to the heigh of the pallet.

With a system which automatically fits the polyethylene cover onto the pallet.

Pallet dimensions Europallet 80x120, 80x100, 100x100, 100x120

Machine may be designed by varios pallet dimensions.

Input conveyor: Reducer-driven and speed-adjusted (1/3 idle roll)

Intermediate Conveyor: Reducer-driven and speed-adjusted, with hydraulic system.

Output Conveyor: Reducer-driven and speed-adjusted (1/3 idle roll)

Flame Unit: Upward-downward reducer-driven and speed-adjusted

Flame Unit Combustion Distances: Adjusted (with motor)

Flame Unit Combustion System: With safetiy sensor

Lifting System Hydraulic (2000 Kgs)

Vacum system in lifting

Gas Used: Nature gas, LPG, Propane

Electrical flalt materials, speed controller

PLC control system: Siemens

Gas System: Krom Schroeder

Hydraulic System: Rexroth Bosch

Pneumatic System: FESTO

Reducers: Bonfiglioli, Motovartio