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Enamel Oven


Enamel Oven Specifications

Oven Type: Tunnel Type
Burning Area Length: 6.4 Meters
Length: 7800 mm
Height: 1950 mm
Large front: 7200 mm
Internal Temperature: 830 ° C-850 ° C
Burner Count: 5 Burners
Rated Capacity : 324.000 kcal / h ----- 39m3 / h Gas
Conveyor Speed: 0 -2 m / min
Firing Speed : 1.28 m / min
Net Cooking Capacity: 1500kg / h
Piece Dimension(Max): 500 * 1000 * 1000 mm
Oven Insulation : Ceramic fiber insulation Modules

Control System: The burner system separately, automatic ignition and photocell flame will be run as a control

Enamel oven Chassis

  • Input and output are available in 2 doors
  • There are two clean-out door
  • Chassis will be produce ST37 material & U - I type Profiles and sheets will be use.
  • Oven will be  bring with 3 assembly parts


 Before Wall Insulation
 After Wall Insulation

Air Curtains

  • Burning area outter part (2 pieces) will produced of 310S stainless steel. 
  • Pre-heating and entry and exit zone air curtains are made of ST37 sheet, (6 pieces)
 Adjustable Air Curtains
 Air Curtain Outside Wiew

Heating System


  • There is a Three Zone controller on Panel.
  • Fuel type will be Natural Gas
  • Radiant tube material will be 310 S Stainless (thickness:4mm)
  • The burner system is under the control and temperature control automatically

Recuperator System ( Burner Brand – Krom Schroder) LBE Series (Opsiyon)

Oven is tube burner Type.Optionally energy-saving requperat burners can be used.

In the furnace, the absorbed heat losses and the wall, even the use of a good fiber ceramic fiber insulation and minimized. Solid, liquid and gas fuel heating furnaces, the point to be the biggest savings, minimizing the loss of exhaust. Ambient temperature of 850 ° C to provide the hot flue gases must leave the oven. Losses in high-temperature furnaces next to the exhaust leaving the combustion air in the heated oven at high temperature for the extra leaves. At minimizing these losses and to regain lost a large part of the energy used in the recuperator system.

Normal System

System with Recuparator


First Step

-       Ceramic Fiber Blankets – 1260°C 128 kg/m3

-       Thickness: 300 mm

-       Revized Temperature (1) : 268°C


Second Step

-       Calsium Silicate Plate - 1000°C

-       Thickness: 25 mm

-       Revized Temperature (2): 196°C


Third Step

-       Ceramic Fiber Blankets - 1260°C – 128 kg/m3

-       Thickness: 25 mm

-       Outside Surface Temperature               : 44°C


***Insulation materials are ordered from the inside out.

***The outside surface temperature as a result, when the ambient temperature is 15 ° C 44 ° C resulted.


- Webb type conveyor

 With the help of the drive chain and trolleys moving suspended loads transport system based on the profile of NPI.

WEBB-type conveyor chains are made of ductile cast iron and forged steel, heat treatment process has been.

Feature of 250 degrees to work with special bearings mounted trolleys.

Model and gear drive system as a model of caterpillar, secure switching, floating cars.

Setting the desired speed is easily controlled conveyor line frequency.

Chain tensioning system is the cradle and the springs.

Turning pulley and pulley is used.

- Restricted type conveyor (Opsiyon)

 Restricted type conveyor, snow, snow chain rail, depends on the basis of three axes move. Restricted type of drive, from the top or from the side gear torque caterpillar type safe.

Chain straps and multiples of 400 mm between the pitches.

Thanks to the central chain lubrication system on the system are automatically lubricating bearings makes the desired time interval.

Conveyor system and stresses urgency to protect the drive units are used to protect the system torg limiter.

Carried out in spring and screw conveyor chain tensioning system.

Restricted specially twisted sheet conveyor rail.

Long-line conveyor systems are used in more than one drive, the drives of such systems in a synchronized operation.
310 quality stainless steel rods and reels will be leaning suspension.
Over 430 quality stainless steel plates will be oven.

Touch Control Panel


  • Control Panel is designed as a touch screen.
  • Industrial use of the touch screen to 'Auto' and 'Manual' options are available.
  • The materials used in electrical panel; Schinider Electric, Telemeqanique, Chrome Schoder and CE certified materials.
  • The touch screen is very simple to use.
  • The system automatically activates and deactivates.
  • the burner cleaning made automatically.

  Heat Graphic

  Easy Touch Screen

Electric Panel


  • Electrical panel is easy to use.
  • Panel installation will be made by us.
  • Electric scheme will be given to your Company

All electric equipments has a CE certificate.




2 Loopholes on a Door.

2 Door Avaible on the Oven

Total 4 Loopholes on the System.



  • Oven has 2 doors to the control.
  • Doors are specially designed
  • Easy to open and close.
  • There are heat-resistant edge stoppers.