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Powder Enamel Cabinet



The powder enamel cabinets is designed with 8  pieces enamel gun and 1 robot. Into the cabin a manual supplements door  is opened. Enamel powder from inside the cab will be applied automatically. The enamel  which comes from the cabinet are applied to the  parts that enters to the cabinet. Some of the the enamel dust which  don't adhered to the parts its poured into the cabin. In other parts pulled over filters by fans. The dust  on the filter is poured into the cabinet with giving a shock to the vehicle cabinet. This shock  continue at regular intervals. The dust Poured into the cabinet is sieved and is collected  to  recycling depot. The injector gun pistols which is located on tank  fed with enamel dust extraction process also continues constantly.

Freshly  enamel is poured periodically to the tank in the cabinet  and  the system continues automatically continuously.

Materiasl Type Used in Cabinet

Cabinet Materials the  interior  are AISI 304 stainless steel  and exterior surfaces are painted metal sheet steel . (Optionally Cr-Ni) In the cabinet for lightining  4x40 watt etanjl fluorescent lamps are used.

Part Dimensions (Max): 500 x 1000 mm

Conveyor speed: 3.5 m / min

Electricity Mains: 380 V 500Hz

Working Pressure: 6-8 bar (dry and oil-free air)

Each robot Lining Enamel Cabinet:2, White Enamel Cabinet:1

Gun Lists: Lining Enamel Cabinet:12, White Enamel Cabinet:6

White Enamel Cabinet dimensions: Width: 1500mm - Height: 1700mm - Length: 4000mm

Lining Enamel Cabinet dimensions: Width: 1500mm - Height: 1700mm - Length: 6000mm

Technical Specifications


- Webb type conveyor

 With the help of the drive chain and trolleys moving suspended loads transport system based on the profile of NPI.

WEBB-type conveyor chains are made of ductile cast iron and forged steel, heat treatment process has been.

Feature of 250 degrees to work with special bearings mounted trolleys.
Model and gear drive system as a model of caterpillar, secure switching, floating cars.

Setting the desired speed is easily controlled conveyor line frequency.

Chain tensioning system is the cradle and the springs.

Turning pulley and pulley is used.

- Restricted type conveyor (Optional)
 Restricted type conveyor, snow, snow chain rail, depends on the basis of three axes move. Restricted type of drive, from the top or from the side gear torque caterpillar type safe.

Chain straps and multiples of 400 mm between the pitches.

Thanks to the central chain lubrication system on the system are automatically lubricating bearings makes the desired time interval.

Conveyor system and stresses urgency to protect the drive units are used to protect the system torg limiter.

Carried out in spring and screw conveyor chain tensioning system.

Restricted specially twisted sheet conveyor rail.

Long-line conveyor systems are used in more than one drive, the drives of such systems in a synchronized operation.

310 quality stainless steel rods and reels will be leaning suspension.
Over 430 quality stainless steel plates will be oven.



Bunkers, two of it is  fixed undercarriage of the cabinet and the entire  is .

The excessed enamel inside the cabinet will accumulate in the bunkers. The rack is made from the same stainless steel. Below the bunkers for helping  recycling  6 mm Teflon used. Under the  base the enamel  is embossed with bi-directional air and is given to recycling depots. Each bunker has a separate recycling injectors.

Optionally sweep-type cabinet can be produced.

Recycling System


The Enamel which too much in the cabinet is accumulated  in the bunker and by vibration motor is transferred to the recycle tank. It will be transferred to the main tank by sieving and by  the injector the guns are feeded  this process is continuity. The enamel which come from the cabinet first emptied on silo which is located on sieve. Enamel poured from the silo,  reaches through the following elimination system to the tank. Enamel in the tank is mixed with fresh enamel at certain doses and it is saved  back into the system. Recycling depot is the main depot which the handguns of the  system uses the enamel.


Depot, CrNi is sieve and is 50 lt.Vibration motor 0.11 kW dust-proof. Via sensors in the tank in the amount of enamel is seen on the digital display.When the amount of enamel drops below 10%  it beeps.In the tank for softening enamel a 10 mm thick herding brand fluidized bed  is used.


Inside the cabin there is one set of filters. With the effect of low pressure More enamel is kept.Thus, any dust out of the cab of the event does not take place. at regular intervals With air reverse shock  is built to the filter .Thus, the decrease in suction power than would be blocked. At the same time poured enamel through filters with reverse shock is spooled in the cabin floor and from there is sent to the recycling depot.

a) Cartridge Type Filter


8 pcs 320x600 mm diameter cartridge  filter is the suction unit.

Filter life close to 1 year

Permeability of 0.5 microns

Recovery rate (working efficiency) is 99%.

Filter Dimensions: Diameter: 324mm * Length: 1000mm

Conventional filters installed depth

Conventional filter media ( satin cotton, polyester, conventional paper etc.) on the surface of 12 to 60 microns are cavities. Dust particles when they pass the passages filtration efficiency decreases.

The powder particles suspended in the depths of the filter clog the filter when squeezed . This aggregation can not be moved during the shaking of the filter on the filter because the pressure loss increases, and the flow rate difference is reduced. Can not be provided at desired flow rate of the filter needs to be replaced .


In the conventional median filter microns in diameter on the surface of ultrathin layers are processed . This low micron particles in thin layers on the surface of the filter stops

Surface installation ( agglomeration of the particles on the surface of rapid filtration ) filters can be considered to hold the dust on the surface to allow for formation of a dust cake and thus filtration efficiency is increased. Yield under the same conditions of a filter , is 10 times more than conventional filters . Surface installation and prevents clogging of the filter elements formed during shaking facilitates transport of the powder cake .


Having an excellent quality suction 5.5 kw suction fan  is 10000 m3 / h and can be absorb in high flow rate. There are 8 Pieces PVD brand explosion valve system.

b) Sinter Lamel Filter (Optional)


This Filter has high performance compared to other filters.

Filter surface size from 1.83 to 4.75 m2 is  ranged according to the filter.

In addition, this filter has a high filtration efficiency.

Low air pressure, would have provided a constant air flow. In these filters have a compact structure, and don't have fibers . Washable, recyclable and renewable possess.


  • 1 mg/m3 clean air emissions
  • Filter life up to 13-15 years
  • 0.5 micron permeability
  • Unchanged smooth air flow and dust extraction
  • Resistant against abrasive dust

Air Control


The air valves and  gauges on the System are collected on a board the pressures will be under control.


Jig Cleaning System (Optional)


When performing enamel coating in the cabin  as well as products the jigs are coated with enamel. The enamel accumulated on the jigs must not poured in the  factory environment and in the existing jig cabinet should be collected in a controlled manner. The system is based on more enamel will fall in the cabinet .In this way, both the factory environment remains clean and to reuse the collected enamel is provided.

In this way, both the factory environment remains clean and to reuse the collected enamel is provided.


System is  operated with a pneumatic piston and by the sensor means.

Enamel Equipment

Automatic Powder Enamel Gun

Guns In particular,  are manufactured by Nordson Turkey  Distributor  with the same specifications of Nordson guns. Complete consists of detachable parts.

in the case of failure  easily replaceable because of high voltage cascade cartridge type. Through well-designed head group it loads enamel in the best way and the enamel adhesion to the material will be homogeneous.

Input Voltage                                   : 13.2 V DC
Check-out (loading) Voltage              : 85 Kv
Electric Current (Max.)                      : 80 uA
Installation Type (Polarization)          : Negative
Electrical Protection Class                 : IP 54
Voltage Cable length                        : 5 m
Paint Hose Length                            : 5 m
Gun Weight                                     : 530 gr. (Cable not included)
Gun Length                                     : 25 cm. (Excluding Group Head)


4 guns in white enamel cabinets, 8 guns are enamel lining gun cabinets.

The voltage that comes to the gun with a special low-voltage cable ,because of the transformer and cascade group which is in the gun raising to 100 kv and its moved to the end of the gun.

Transformer and cascade group, high electrical resistance, is isolated by a two-component resin.


Automatic Powder Enamel Device

Control Panel : PEG 201 Electro-Pneumatic Control Panel

Input Voltage: 220 V AC
Input Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption : 50 W
Output Voltage: 13.2 V DC
Output Frequency: 16.5 to 18 KHz
Electrical Protection Class: IP 54
Operating Temperature: 35 ° C max.
Paint Flow: 5-30 gk / h
European Standard: EN 500-50
Air Pressure: 5 Bar (Max.)
Air Inlet Hose Diameter: 8 mm (inner diameter)
Air Consumption: 350 l / min. (21 m3/hr)
Ambient Air Quality: Oil 0.1 ppm (max.)

Moisture Content 1.3 gr/m3 (max.) 


  • The robot control device, the working range and speed of the both robot  from a single panel, with the PLC is designed to be able to control separately. Robots are infinitely variable speed adjustment.
  • Measuring the distance of the robot is performed with a rotary encoder and the lower and upper stroke length can be adjusted with accuracy of 1 cm.
  • The LCD screen is 5.7 ".

During operation, the operating range, speed and working memory can be seen on the screen. This feature also in the future provide ease of set up and use. Robot settings can be memorized for each different product. (max 150 memory)

PLC Controlled Robot Painting

Stroke: max. 1800 mm
Infinitely variable speed adjustment: 5-40 m / min.
Operating voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
Height: 2000 mm
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 200 mm
Weight: 160 kg
Carrying weight: max. 30 kg
Distance measurement is done with robots encoders.

2 pieces in white enamel cabinets, there are 2 pieces of black enamel cabinet.


Robot Controller Features

Robot 5.7'' LCD touch screen control panel.

Operating ranges and velocities of the robot, and on both sides of the panel can be set independently.

During operation, the operating range, speed, and working memory can be traced to the screen. This feature subsequent applications, settings and provides ease of use.

Robot operating ranges "in" mm, speeds "Hz" is set in.

Robot settings can be memorized for each different product.

Stained with a sensor device to be connected to the cabinet number of suspension counts.


Cabinet  Use Electric Power

Powder Spray Booth: 22 kw

Plc Automation System Control And Cabinet (14 digit OKP)

Robots and guns and pneumatic controls, where the main electrical control system. Made of 1.2mm mild steel coated with electrostatic powder paint. Air compressor pressure gauge on the dashboard shows the main entrance to the system running, baking the base of the regulator feeding, guns, compressed air required for the connections and the water and oil separator conditioner compressor is located. The system is controlled by the main control panel. Materials used in the control system, Siemens and Telemecanique brands.

Not included in our prices Affairs

All kinds of construction work, concrete pouring-breaking, on-off, on-off, and the roof of the control wiring to the table, and air dryer, air installation is not included in the price.