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Hanger Cleaning Oven


This heat treated cleaning ovens are special designed for painting factories that cleans the powder paints which are on the hook,hanger,grill or wrong painted metal parts .

At hanger cleaning the ovens the hook,hanger,grill or wrong painted metal parts will not be deform. Occurring during operation the paint and organic gases are burned again with high temperature and its again used and given to the enviroment as environmentally safe.

As fuel environmentally friendly Natural gas or LPG is used because of this it is a low production cost cleaning system. Temperature, time, safety controls and  fault warnings will appear on the PLC control unit and according to request different types of paint can be applied with different programs.

fırın kodu- Oven Code
fırın iç ebatları-Oven inner Dimesions
Ahmet TUNCAY: Bu mesaj kaldırıldı.
depth Volume-derinlik Hacmi
Brülör Sayısı ve kapasitesi- Burner Quantity and Capacity
Boya Yakma Kapasitesi-Paint Burning Capacity
Baca Yüksekliği-Chimney Height