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Hydraulic Press


These machines are produced by our Project partner according to our request in Turkey .These designs are made as 3D with SOLİDWORKS programme,subjected to durability analysis wity ANSYS programme and than göne into production part after confirmation.

Presses are guaranteed for one year. Hydraulic oil belongs to the buyer. Delivery time is 90 days.


200 Ton

250 Ton

Pressure Piston Stroke

600 mm

Pressure Cylinder Inner Diameter

Ø 310 mm (1 Pcs)

Ø 340 mm (1 Pcs)

Pressure Roller Shaft Diameter

Ø 240 mm (1 Pcs)

Ø 280 mm (1 Pcs)

Side Speed Up Cylinder inner Diameter

Ø 80 mm (2 Pcs)

Side Speed Up Cylinder shaft Diameter

Ø 50 mm (2 Pcs)

Landing idle speed

100 mm/sn

Pressesing speed

12 mm/sec

10 mm/sec

Return speed

170 mm/sec

Table of usage Area

1100*1000 mm

1200*1000 mm

Distance Between Tables (Max)

800 mm

Distance Between Tables (Min)

200 mm

Operating Pressure

235 Bar (201 Ton)

250 Bar (252 Ton)

Pre filling Valve

Ø 80 mm (1 Pcs)

Ø 100 mm (1 Pcs)


65 Lt/Min


22 Kw 30 Hp 1500 S/Min.

At up and down tables T channels will be opened to connect the mold. Power Block and  Valves (Made in Germany) is HOERBIGER branded. Automatic and Centralized lubrication system.

200 Tons dimensions

 250 Tons dimensions


In front of the press is a 750mm photocell beam barrier SICK Brand (Made in Germany)

The safety switchs are at the Press table moving  limits.

The press has the Hydraulic Protection System for Pressing Against Overload.

The press has the Electric Protection System for Pressing Against Overload.


LCD Packet

PLC Systems.

LCD Touch

Electrical Equipments are  SIEMENS, ABB is TELEMEQUANI and ABB brand.

Coach Cylinder Pressure  can be adjusted with LCD Touch Screen.

Coach Cylinder Stroke can be adjusted with LCD Touch Screen.

Oil Heat can be displayed with Touch Screen.

Filter Pollution Protection can be displayed with LCD Touch Screen.

Mold settings are stored with the LCD Touch Screen. (Mold Memory)

System Error LCD can be displayed with the Touch Screen.

The Press Status Information can be displayed with LCD Touch Screen . 


Proportional valves Speed ​​Adjustment