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We do not set up only plants we give you full support for the below topics: Mould Production, Machine Supply, Production Machine, Automation, Material Supply, Tecnical Staff, Education, Care, Marketin...
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Our production is user-oriented, in line with customer requirements in different specifications and sizes can be designed. This design is made ​​in 3D with Solid Works software after customers approval the manufacturing steps are taken.
We completed the turnkey panel radiator project installation. The facility is fully automated. Our customers who want to produce can transmit their requests to us.
You can produce built-in oven with glass at very reasonable cost. 3 products are produced in one mold. After the production is installed, material supply is made by ATMC CO. Inox and enamel built-in hobs can also be made by simply taking the top plate mold.
Complete Production Facilities For Satellite Antenna
This facility is a low-cost facility. It is delivered on turn-key basis. When requested, only for the body part a production can be installed and the wheels and other materials can be supplied by ATMC CO.


The required machinery and equipments for a factory  is explored in TURKEY with the best prices and best quality. After our customers approve the shipments are made and by a team of experts it’s assembled.


For the products which are manufactured  all kinds of materials can be provided .At regular intervals based on the amount of use of the delivery is continuous.

So our customers will not deal with so many companies and will not open letters of credit for each separately and will be discharged from the high cost.


Control devices, all kind of  hand tools and equipment  which will be used in production can be provided.